Poultry Feeding Equipment for efficient poultry farming

If statistics are anything to go by, poultry products are undoubtedly on the rise. And things are not really expected to change anytime soon. The production of poultry products is expected to grow tremendously to match the increased demand. Market dynamics notwithstanding, the growth in poultry production is inspired by advances in feeding technologies.

Poultry feeding equipment

Poultry feed accounts for up to 70% of the production costs. As far as poultry feeding equipment is concerned, there is a wide range of efficient systems. SKIOLD LANDMECOs, for instance, offer specialized equipment for broiler feeder farms that are aimed at promoting efficiency.
Studies show that broiler breeders can lay more fertilized eggs than they did in the past. This observation has been a critical driver of the changes witnessed in poultry breeding, feeding, and management.

Why You Need Automated Poultry Feeding Systems

Nowadays, poultry farmers opt for automated feeding systems to enhance efficiency, ensuring uniformity in the flock, and saving on labor. That said, here are some reasons why farmers should move away from traditional poultry feeding in favor of automated systems.

  • Reduced production costs: Poultry feeding equipment reduces the overreliance of labor on the farm, which goes a long way in reducing total production costs.
  • Increased production capacity: Through uniform feeding, automated systems help optimize the farm’s production capacity.
  • Hygienic living conditions: Using these feed systems, farmers find it a lot easier to maintain clean living conditions for the chickens.

The need to improve poultry feeding habits is imminent as farmers strive to meet the corresponding demand for products. In light of this, modern-day poultry farmers are encouraged to invest in feeding machines to cut down costs and improve their productivity. Whether you keep laying birds, broilers, or breeders, you can always count on automated feeding systems.

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